ESQUIRE Consulting provides fast, accurate, cost conscious engineering services to individual home owners, engineering companies, private land developers, public municipalities, homeowners associations, land management companies, contractors, and attorneys involved in complex civil works.  Our engineers and sub-consultant affiliates have decades of experience in civil related engineering projects, including but not limited to home inspection, mapping, municipal  design, control, quality modeling, and site hydrology studies for land development.  By employing new collaborative technologies, CCC strives to provide the same quality of engineering consulting services that traditional engineering companies provide at a fraction of the cost.

Our successful performance in this sector is supported by a client base of major players in the industry who have commended ESQUIRE  on their ability to deliver.


ESQUIRE possess unique strengths to support our promise;

  •  Years experience and dedication to the construction industry
  • An extensive and comprehensive suite of products
  • Products with integrity that are tried and true
  • Specialised, expert application knowledge about what technology provides the best solution
  • Flexibility to access the best materials from a variety of sources around the globe

and most importantly, a proven track record of providing value-driven Constructive Solutions.

All undertaken building work is done in strict accordance with Government building standards. With strong attention to detail and finish,  ESQUIRE Associates has become a familiar name and the first choice for many

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